Show Photography

Horse Shows are more than just a red ribbon, or a single round, as any equestrian knows, good day or bad; it is an experience, a feeling, and it is fleeting.

From the early start of the morning, the pre-class jitters, the brief moments of being in the ring and the ecstatic praise, they present a memorable trial for both horse and rider. As an equestrian myself, I believe that these days deserve to be preserved as more than a singular photo that is taken of all riders, you deserve your memories preserved, from start to finish, whether it is your first show with a green pony or competing in the 1.10’s at an A level show, all your memories can and should be treasured. This is where I come in, offering a unique and highly catered experience to competing equestrians. I see the importance in each moment and I want to help you capture them all forever.

As someone who grew up running around arenas, eating tacos in a bag, and spending cold days wrapped in horse coolers, I know all that goes along with horse shows. The long hours spent training to get there, the early mornings, the long trailer rides, the hot afternoons in the sun, and the hours spent on the sidelines, waiting for your class. I also know that horse shows tend to fly by in the blink of an eye and before you realize it, it’s over and all the moments have become memories. More often than not all you are left with are cell phone videos, Snapchat memories, and if you are lucky one or two photos from the show photographer.

Exclusive Show Coverage

The private paparazzi experience

My private client package provides a new take on horse show photography, you are no longer one in a hundred riders, the day is all about you and all your precious but fleeting memories will be captured in timeless and beautiful images. I am your personal paparazzi for the day and I attend the show exclusively to capture images of you and your rides, from the start of braiding to the moment the tack comes off. Not only am I there to be your photographer but to be your teammate, your cheerleader, your extra set of hands when grooming, or devoted horse-cookie-holder!

This is truly a tailored, one-of-a-kind experience, where you will feel like the rider, instead of one of a hundred riders!

If you want a special show experience that you will remember forever, preserved in stunning images, then the Exclusive personal paparazzi session is right for you!

 (This can be public shows; usef shows; rrp; mustang makeover/tip challenges; etc. Please let me know the contact name and number who is putting the show on as I do have to contact them and let them know I am photographing clients specifically due to other Photographers). TRYON, NC has a specific Client Photography fee and I need to know a month prior at minimum for this to reserve a day or week badge!

I will be your Personal Photographer.

That means you will get – Candids – Action shots – Digitals for download (web only) 

$250.00 • 1 day • per horse // $1100 • 1 week • per horse

Discounted daily and weekly rates are available if 4+ riders from the same barn book together!

(travel fees may vary)

Private Events

(this is for your local barn; not shows where you need me to be your personal photographer; that is above)

Do you own your own private facility and host events?

  • clinics
  • demonstrations
  • group lessons
  • parties

For larger barns, this is a great way to earn extra income. But with all the duties that lay on the barn owner, it is hard to get behind the scenes photos for advertisement. That is where I come in. I will come in and document the event. You will even get to be in the pictures for your own Social Media Content. Take it from me, I have a very hard time getting content of myself for myself.

  • show up 1 hour before
  • up to 6 hours
  • behind the scenes
  • some portraits if requested
  • mostly candid/lifestyle shots
  • digital downloads with light touch ups
  • full release

$500 (travel fees may apply)

Private Client Show Photography Blog Post >>>

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Taxes are not listed on packages, and will be added once an invoice is sent per TN STATE TAX.

Show Photography F.A.Q

Do you cover all my rounds?

◦ Yes! Every single one of your rides in the ring will be captured.

Are you the only photographer?

◦ Depending on the show I may have an assistant present as a back up to help cover all the rings, however your images will always be handled and edited by me, so that the final product will be indistinguishable from my portfolio, whether or not I was the one who clicked the shutter.

What if I have more than one horse showing?

◦ The package covers up to 2 horses, after that it is an additional $75.00 per horse.

◦ All horses must be owned or leased by you (no catch-ridden horses).

If I book more than one day of coverage, but am not showing all days can you capture my lesson?

◦ Yes! Showing clients will take precedent but if I can fit it in my schedule I am more than happy to come and hang out with you and your horse and capture some more magical moments!

What if I want horse & rider portraits portraits of me and my horse?

◦ If you book a week of coverage, the Short Session package is included.

◦ Otherwise, horse & rider sessions are 20% off if booked while you are showing (sessions must be captured at the show venue).

Show List

◦ Please forward me your ride times and your ring numbers please prior to the event (most shows gives this out a week prior).

Image Delivery:

◦ I know that it is important to receive images quickly after a show, you want to share about all the success and wonderful moments! Given this, I do my best to get my horse show galleries out as soon as possible, generally, this means a day or two but it can be up to a week depending on how many clients I have taken on at a show and how busy I am.

◦ You can always pay an additional rush fee to receive your images sooner.

Want to share your shots on Social Media?

◦ We love when our clients share their photos!

◦ You still cannot alter the photos, claim the photos are your own, but you can print them, share them on social media, place them in a magazine, show brochure, etc. but please remember to credit Clabough’s Entertainment & Photography.

What is a Social Media License?

◦ An image licensed for social media, which is the majority of the images included in your gallery will include a small digital watermark (see the above images for examples) for shows that are not Exclusive coverage.

◦ These images are not high resolution and not licensed to be printed. Any images can be purchased as prints.

What is a Print Release?

◦ A Print Release is the right to print an image. These rights are inherently owned by the photographer once the image is captured.

◦ A print release is not provided with my images (for show/event/clinic photography where I am the main photographer) but it may be purchased for a fee.

What if I want to use the images for Commercial Use?

◦ All images are licensed for personal use only and commercial use is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

◦ If you would like to use your images for your equine-related business, please let me know and I’ll be happy to work with you!

Want to get prints done?

◦ You can do that! You will get a PRINT release in your gallery.

◦ You can download them right to your personal computer and then have them printed at any LAB. We will provide a print release so clients can get prints done themselves at the lab of their choice.

Do you charge a travel fee?

◦ There is no travel fee if you are within 30 miles of my location in Sevierville, TN 37876 zip code.

◦ Beyond this distance, there is a fee applied at a rate of $1.25 a mile. If your session is part of a trip then there will be a flat rate travel fee applied to all sessions.